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The Jezabels: The Brink

For their second album, Sydney’s The Jezabels have created an album of pop-rock that builds upon the strong foundation their debut album ‘Prisoner’ laid. The production is realms ahead and the group have clearly grown as songwriters.

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Album Review: Japandroids-Celebration Rock

Japandroids' second album Celebration Rock kicks off with energy and a rocking beat. It doesn't stray far from the sound they established on their previous record (Post-Nothing) but it still sounds fresh. For those new to the Canadian rockers, Japandroids are an interesting dichotomy: A band sounding very unpolished and yet also very polished at the same time. They put a lot of effort into keeping a raw, unrefined edge to their songs and yet they are so tight knit that they always sound very organised. Their second album has seen some more effort going into the production of their sound, which will appeal to anyone who was frustrated by the slight degree to which lyrics got lost in their self-titled debut. This does not happen on this album, with lyrics and intention clear throughout most, if not all, of the tracks.

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Green Day releases new single: “Oh Love”

Green Day have released the first single from their new trilogy of albums on YouTube. It's called "Oh Love" and we are sure it will divide fans and critics alike. Listen to it here:     Billie Joe Armstrong also talked to Rolling Stone about the band's new singles. This puts the video above

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The Darkness – 12/05/12 Thebarton Theatre

The Darkness are a unique band and one not entirely understood by everyone. We should start by dispelling a few illusions. Firstly, they are not a comedy band: If they were, they would not have the talent that they do and their songs would not be as catchy and lyrically mainstream. Secondly, they are not a one

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DZ Deathrays: Bloodstreams

The intro track to newcomers DZ Deathrays' debut album hints at something coming, the staccato electronic taps blended out by static fuzz and overdriven guitar before launching headfirst into the first track.  With a raw intensity not seen on many albums these days, especially not Australian albums, DZ Deathrays have captured a rocking live punk

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Jack White: Blunderbuss

Jack White's debut album as a solo artist comes bearing the pressure of a heap of expectation from fans of his three other bands (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs (Saboteurs in Australia) and The Dead Weather. Devotees of White who have followed him through all of his groups will proclaim this to be the best album of the year and will not acknowledge any weakness in it. Committed opponents of White will still find a lot to hate in this album as it does build upon the foundation of his work with other groups, particularly The Raconteurs and mid-career White Stripes.

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Alabama Shakes: Boys & Girls

Alabama Shakes' debut album is filled with everything that is good about rock music, especially blues infused rock music, as is their style.  Pulsating drum beats, memorable guitar hooks and distinctive vocals gel brilliantly and create an effortlessly fluid album. Album opener Hold On sounds like a Kings of Leon outtake from when they used to be

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Bruce Springsteen: Wrecking Ball

Beginning with the album's first single, the rocking anthem We Take Care of Our Own, The Boss' intention on this album is clear from the get-go. There are country elements, such as Easy Money and Jack of All Trades which hark back to his Devils and Dust album, however, the majority of this album is Springsteen at his rocking best. Songs such as the album opener and the impressive title track push this album forwards at a rollicking pace and into your subconscious so that you cannot forget them.

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Seasick Steve – April 7&8 2012: Byron Bay Bluesfest

Seasick Steve Live - Saturday April 7 & Sunday April 8 2012: Byron Bay Bluesfest Building upon one of the fastest growing reputations in rock music at the moment, Seasick Steve returned to Bluesfest with a new album (his fifth in seven years and his fourth since being 'discovered' on the Jools Holland show in 2004), a

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Cold Chisel: No Plans

Released 14 years after their last album, and in the current context of retro music fads, it would be natural to assume "No Plans" is Cold Chisel's attempt to cash in on renewed popularity. This would most certainly be a mistake and would fail to take into account the respectable efforts its members have made in their solo careers: Notably Jimmy Barnes' achievement of 5 top 5 albums in Australia during this time, but also Ian Moss' credible solo albums such as the top 50 placed "Let's all get together."

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