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John Butler Trio: Flesh & Blood

The John Butler Trio’s sixth studio album comes sixteen years after their debut release and five years after original drummer and Butler’s brother-in-law Nicky Bomba returned to the group (having joined in time to record their last record ‘April Uprising’). This would prove to be Bomba’s last opportunity to contribute on record with JBT as he left the group prior to the album’s completion. Track 10 then becomes the first time we hear new drummer, Grant Gerathy as a member of the group.

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Graeme Base: Album Cover Artist

We were amazed when children's author Graeme Base revealed his artwork for The Cat Empire's new album. We can't help thinking he should have a second job designing album covers. Remembering how good he is with animals, we have come up with a few albums we think he should have been used for.

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