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Graeme Base: Album Cover Artist

We were amazed when children's author Graeme Base revealed his artwork for The Cat Empire's new album. We can't help thinking he should have a second job designing album covers. Remembering how good he is with animals, we have come up with a few albums we think he should have been used for.

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Helpmann Awards announce 2012 nominees

The Helpmann Awards have released their list of nominees for 2012.   Future Music Festival and Bluesfest 2012 are both up for the award for Best Contemporary Music Festival. The award for Best International Contemporary Concert will see the Foo Fighters, Prince, Roger Waters and Sade duke it out.   The Best Australian Contemporary Concert features Cold

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Bluesfest 2012 Recap

Bluesfest 2012: It was always going to be a tough ask. How do you follow up a year where your festival gets its biggest lineup to date.  A year where your headliner is the god of mainstream folk music, the Judas of faithful folk music, the unwilling figurehead of protest folk and the holder of

Cold Chisel: No Plans

Released 14 years after their last album, and in the current context of retro music fads, it would be natural to assume "No Plans" is Cold Chisel's attempt to cash in on renewed popularity. This would most certainly be a mistake and would fail to take into account the respectable efforts its members have made in their solo careers: Notably Jimmy Barnes' achievement of 5 top 5 albums in Australia during this time, but also Ian Moss' credible solo albums such as the top 50 placed "Let's all get together."

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