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Boy & Bear: Harlequin Dream

For their second album, Boy & Bear have tried to develop their sound, aiming for a record that is "more pop, less folk". By the end of the record however, it is apparent that someone forgot to tell them that 'pop' music is catchy and memorable. 'Harlequin Dream' is sadly devoid of anything as memorable as previous hits 'Feeding Line' or 'Part Time Believer'. Rather it chooses to wallow in mediocrity as so many other uninspiring folk groups do.

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Graeme Base: Album Cover Artist

We were amazed when children's author Graeme Base revealed his artwork for The Cat Empire's new album. We can't help thinking he should have a second job designing album covers. Remembering how good he is with animals, we have come up with a few albums we think he should have been used for.

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