There are two ratings systems used at TrackMarks.

Live performances are rated out of 10 feathers.

As a rough guide, we interpret our Live ratings as follows:
Only the best gigs possible achieve this rating.  Everything must work in sync, the technical side, the instrumental performances, vocal delivery and interaction with the crowd must all combine to create a fantastic live vibe that gets the crowd moving and sees you leaving with a huge grin on your face that you can’t wipe off for days.

A fantastic gig that you will remember for years, but where one or two things just didn’t quite work.  Whether the sound was just out or the singer’s voice didn’t quite hit the right notes, this was a great show that just had a couple of niggles that unsettled you.


A really good concert, not amazing but really good.  This type of concert would have been enjoyable for fans and newcomers to the band and would be a good introduction for any music fan.  Most of the concert would have gone well, there were a few elements that were disappointing but all in all it was a good day/night.

This is a mediocre concert, not bad, but not particularly memorable.  The music was probably  fine, the performance was probably fine, the technical side was probably okay.  Unfortunately that is all that can be said for this gig.  This concert was only worth going to if you’re a big fan of the band in question.

Bad.  Very bad.  So many elements weren’t working at these gigs it’s hard to pin down exactly what it was that made it terrible.  The bottom line is that the crowd wasn’t into it and it was largely the fault of the band.  To achieve this type of grade a concert would have to be badly performed and musically poor.
This was an atrocious gig.  We would have walked out if it weren’t for the fact that we felt we needed to see the full show so we could warn everyone properly to make sure they never waste a night of their life at such a pathetic live offering.
TrackMarks Team