There are two ratings systems used at TrackMarks.

Albums are rated as a percentage out of 100.  
We will never exceed the maximum rating of 100% and so this will be a very high standard to reach.

As a rough guide, we interpret our % ratings as follows:
This is, or will be, a classic album.  One that is nearly flawless musically, technically and lyrically.  It has become ingrained in our minds and we will keep coming back to it time and again.
This is a very impressive collection of music.  It lacks that certain something that makes albums timeless, whether it is the nature of the lyrics, a lack of virtuoso talent or simply the fact that it is not totally memorable, this album isn’t quite a classic, but is definitely one you should have in your collection.You should really enjoy this album.  If the style is to your taste you will have found a band and a collection of songs you will keep coming back to and checking up on.  Not quite amazing, it is nonetheless very enjoyable and will still find itself on your rotation.
There is potential here but it is unfulfilled.  It’s still worth looking into and if it is your style of music you will still enjoy it.  This album just won’t be one of the best you’ve heard.
This album is only for some people’s tastes.  If you don’t like this band, this genre or if you don’t have much tolerance for mediocrity, this is not for you.  If you are happy to give things a go, this might be something you enjoy and there’s a chance the follow up album will deliver on the potential shown here..

This is not a good album, this is not an album the casual listener should buy.  If it is your favourite band then you might want to give this a listen, although it may also ruin the image of them you hold dear.  Approach with caution.

These are not good albums.  You should only buy these if you really love this group and have to own all of their records, or if you enjoy listening to really bad music and having a laugh.  Not worth money and not worth the time.

Run away!  This album is an insult to music and your ears.  Not only a waste of money, this music may well have a negative impact on your IQ and sanity.