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Welcome to the first of our new unTracked features.

Coinciding with the release of an updated Triple J Unearthed website, this week we give you our inaugural unTracked artist.  As often as possible, we will find an artist who features on Triple J Unearthed and may have gone unTracked, slipping through your radar so far.

What better way to begin than with some dirty, filthy blues rock.  We’ve looked and don’t think there is anyone better to deliver this than Perth’s The Floors.  No strangers to the music scene, these lads have been rocking out since the late 2000s, releasing their debut album ‘Dead Beat’ in 2012.

The Floors band photo 1

So what do they sound like?

Promoting themselves as ‘The Bastards of Blues’, brothers Luke and Ryan Dux combine with drummer Ashley Doodkorte to wield some powerful riffs held aloft by thumping drums.  Have a listen to ‘DeadBeat’ on their Unearthed page and you can see what we mean.  Then you’ve got ‘Aileen’, a rollicking track that barrels along thanks to its unrelenting guitar riff and Luke’s rough as nails vocals reminiscent of Jon Spencer of Blues Explosion fame.  The final song to feature on their Unearthed profile is ‘Shake Your Money Maker’, the most impressive of the lot.  Kicking off with a shuffling drum beat and some guitar noodling, this is all drawn back upon the entry of Luke’s vocals.  Drawing similarities with Blues Explosion and Mason Rack Band, it’s unnerving to hear how much he can elicit from the four words of the title just repeated over and over.  Oozing sex and swagger, the tension is only broken when brother Ryan breaks into a slick guitar solo that really gives evidence of their blues heritage.

Now The Floors haven’t updated the tracks on their page recently but don’t let that fool you, the guys have been keeping busy.  With their debut album released in 2012 which featured two of the tracks mentioned above, the group added another stack of tracks to their already impressive catalogue.  Keep an ear out in particular for ‘Dog Money’, probably the most laid-back you’ll see these guys as they swagger their way through a slow-burning track and ‘Bo Creek’, an intense 3 minutes of harmonica, thrashy guitars and pounding drums over which Luke Dux discusses attempting to murder his (presumably now ex) girlfriend with bilious rage.

Alex Turner may have made a big deal about how rock ’n’ roll won’t go away in his Brit Award speech but The Floors are here to tell you that down and dirty blues rock isn’t going away either.  Where The Floors are going though is Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane so make sure you get off your arse and go catch them this month and if you can’t do that, at least head on over to their Unearthed page, it’ll be worth it.  (https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/floors)


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