It has come to another busy time of the year, when we are spoilt for choice with a plethora of new music to wade through.  We have chosen 12 albums that are sitting at the top of our waitlist to share with you.  Let us know what you are hanging out for by commenting below.


Bob Dylan – ‘Tempest 07/09/12

Every time a Bob Dylan album comes out it should be up near the top of everyone’s most wanted lists.  This will be the 35th album from the 71 year old and if his last two efforts have been anything to go by this should be another feather in his heavily laden cap.  Add to that his impressive efforts on tour in Australia last year, particularly at Byron Bay Bluesfest, there is no denying that he is still capable of keeping up with the best of them.  Get your hands on this one and keep your fingers crossed for another visit down under soon.



David Byrne & St Vincent – ‘Love This Giant’  11/09/12

This is a combination that not many would try to claim they had thought of prior to this year’s announcement of a collaboration album and yet, it seems so right, it’s bizarre none of us did.  Theatrical and yet very serious in its focus, all accounts label this as the work of two musicians with a lot of respect for one another and a desire to create an authentic artistic album.  It’s not long now until we can see if they succeeded.



The Raveonettes – ‘The Observator’  11/09/12

Apparently influenced by an injury and depression fuelled drug and alcohol bender, this will certainly be an interesting one.  The Raveonettes’ last album was a belter and they certainly impressed on their recent tour supporting the Brian Jonestown Massacre.   Adding to our delight are Sune’s comments that this album is more of a return to a verse-chorus-verse style of writing heavily influenced by The Doors.  Tune in for some fantastically fuzzed out tunes.


The xx – ‘Coexist’   07/09/12

The XX’s 2009 debut was one of our favourite albums of that year and has stayed on heavy rotation ever since, so we are obviously hanging out for their follow up.  Jamie XX has emphasised his desire to ‘keep it simple’ but has also confirmed the album will be influenced by Club Music.  Make of that what you will…


Dinosaur Jr. – ‘I Bet on Sky’ 14/09/12

Dinosaur Jr’s third album since re-establishing their original lineup looks to build upon the critical acclaim 2007’s Beyond and 2009’s Farm achieved.  The veteran rockers have established themselves as a consistent force since their reunion and with their tour already off to a good start and a string of dates already scheduled to supper the album, expect this one to be a blinder.


Grizzly Bear – ‘Shields’ 14/09/12

Brooklyn-based Grizzly Bear enjoyed a swell of success following the release of their 2009 album “Veckatimest” and their support slot for Radiohead during 2008 where Jonny Greenwood praised the group as his ‘favourite band.’  It has been good to see the group take their time before releasing a follow up album, ensuring they are fully able to capitalise on this newfound celebrity.  This should be a strong album that builds upon the tone they’ve established over their previous three albums and delivers more of those vocal harmonies their fans love so much.


Green Day – ‘¡Uno!’   21/09/12

Green Day have given up on the rock operas and are back to no-frills, dirtier, back to basics, punk rock for the first of three albums coming out over the next four months!  Produced by Dookie’s Rob Cavallo, they are dedicated to heading back to their roots on these albums.   Despite any complaints levelled at them, you would have a hard time arguing the boys don’t know how to write catchy tunes and they certainly know how to get a crowd going, so expect a racy set of tracks that will have the crowd pumping when we (hopefully) see them on our shores soon to back up the three albums coming up.


Mumford and Sons – ‘Babel’. 21/09/12

What can we say about Mumford & Sons?  Their debut album “Sigh No More” topped the charts over here in Australia and placed at number 2 in the UK and US.  Add to that the runaway success of lead single “Little Lion Man” (ARIA 2xPlatinum and number 3 on the Australian singles chart), there is a lot riding on this album.  Yet, the group appears to have taken it all in their stride so far.  Markus Dravs is again at the helm as producer and in interviews the band has stated that their sound will be similar for this album as for their first, albeit more refined.  We’re holding our breath to see if that’s possible.


Muse – The 2nd Law  28/09/12

We’re not sure if we’re looking forward to this one.  But we’ll definitely buying it.  The anticipation for Muse’s album is palpable not only from their fans but everyone who’s been listening to the broad array of influences that are apparently present.  Dub-step and The Dark Knight Rises aren’t totally incompatible with Muse’s sound, but it will certainly make for interesting listening.


Tame Impala – Lonerism  5/10/12

Perth band Tame Impala surprised many with their debut album “Innerspeaker.”  At times psychedelic, proggy and just generally rocky, this was a consistent debut and translated very well onstage.  The young group will be looking to build on this success with sophomore album “Lonerism” though band leader Kevin Parker has also stated that he wanted this album to be really ‘fucked up’ and that it includes a lot of synth.  Be prepared for another great album from this Aussie band, just also make sure you prepare for the unexpected.


ZZ Top – La Futura 14/09/12

ZZ Top’s first studio album in 9 years has been described as a return to their roots and a harking back to the raw sound of their formative years.  Enlisting Rick Rubin to work with Billy F. Gibbons as Producer, this is an album that they want to succeed.  Anyone who has seen them live recently (think 2011’s Bluesfest) will attest that if they can deliver that type of energy to a studio album, it is destined to be great fun and great music. We think this may just be the highlight of the year for fans of Electric Blues Rock.