Anyone who doubts the effect acoustics and mixing has on a good gig need only have looked so far as tonight’s support act Sincerely, Grizzly.  Their gig the previous weekend at The Exeter was limited by the venue’s sound which let down their energetic performance.  The same could not even remotely be said about their opening set here.  The venue’s solid acoustics combined with some stellar work at the sound desk got their music across as intended and left them free to tear through an intensely rocking set that was being captured on film for their next music video. If this is a sign of things to come, we should be hearing a lot more from these boys.

The intensity lifted again the instant Japandroids kicked into their first song.  Drawing out that most rare of creatures, an excellent Adelaide crowd, Japandroids’ jam-packed set saw the front of stage barely stop moshing all night.  (According to lead singer Brian King, this was much better than Perth who didn’t move until the last couple of songs.)  King was certainly in the mood to play the crowd, joking around, leading singalongs and even taking requests!  The crowd responded in turn, instantly taking to this charming Canadian.  Drummer David Prowse took a little longer to impress the crowd but his impressive necking of a West End can certainly helped cement his place in the crowd’s hearts by the end.

It wasn’t all about the crowd though, there was music as well! (and quite a lot of it.  Playing their entire first album and much of their second throughout the set, the boys were generous in their time and effort.  It was hell for leather rock from start to finish.  ‘The Nights Of Wine And Roses’ and ‘Evil’s Sway’ were particularly well received, as was the thirty second teasing of ‘Back In Black’ from King.  Throw in a couple of slow jams, as King described them with ‘I Quit Girls’ and ‘Continuous Thunder’, as the only respite from the onslaught that was the crowd-surfer-covered mosh pit, and you’ve got a brilliant set from an energetic powerful group who are most certainly not done yet.

Having been in Adelaide back in February for Laneway Festival, it was great to see the group playing a full length set to a crowd of obvious fans.  On the basis of this performance and the growth they’ve shown in their albums, don’t be surprised to see them back down under again soon and playing to an even bigger crowd.  Make sure you don’t miss them next time!

Live Marks 10 out of 10