For their second album, Sydney’s The Jezabels have created an album of pop-rock that builds upon the strong foundation their debut album ‘Prisoner’ laid.  The production is realms ahead and the group have clearly grown as songwriters.

Lead single, ‘The End’, is the clear standout pop song on the album and a natural successor to their debut hit ‘Endless Summer’.  Bustling along energetically, there is a stadium-quality to it that draws some comparisons with The Killers.  The deliberate precision it’s put together with is also reminiscent of the Las Vegas rockers, with the song structured perfectly for a continuous build-up of intensity.

Unlike their debut album, ‘The Brink’ refuses to be written off as a one-hit wonder.  Tracks like the title track and ‘Look of Love’ hold their own as single-worthy. With pulsating drums and synth respectively and an intense vocal delivery both tracks draw similarities with HAIM and are irrepressibly catchy.  Guitarist Samuel Lockwood hasn’t forgotten how to rock though, flexing some guitar muscle on ’Time to Dance’.  The emphasis of the album and indeed its strength certainly lies with the synth-heavy, poppier tracks.

It’s not a perfect album, towards the end it does fall into a bit of a lull with forgettable tracks in ‘Got Velvet’ and ‘Psychotherapy’.  Things are redeemed somewhat by the dreamy grandioseness of album closer ‘All You Need’.  Minor gripes aside though, by and large, Hayley Mary and co. have crafted a mature and complex pop-rock album.  When I say ‘crafted’, I mean it.  They’ve put a lot of thought into this album and it’s paid off.  The songs build  deliberately to some scintillating heights, the vocals simmer with intensity and the lyrics reveal a maturity that was still developing on their debut album.  The Jezabels have taken a huge leap forward with their sophomore album and deserve to take the step onto the international stage.